Winter Cocktails at the Table


The bar menu at the Table has caught some of the holiday spirit, and if you intend to get started, our barman Mitch recommends for starters, the Nog with Stroh Jagertree, Dry Curacao, Coffee, Lemon, Egg White. It’s frothy and rich thanks to the egg white, but less like eggnog and more of a creamy butterscotch flavor that reminds Mitch of his grandmother.

The No. 37 with Calvados, apricot liqueur, Bonal, and Mezcal spritz – speaks of fall and is inspired by the harmonious pairing of apples and tequila. A spritz of Mezcal to the cocktail glass adds a subtle smokiness to this cocktail made of a delicious apple brandy from lower Normandy.

For more on our cocktails, peruse our sample cocktails menu or better yet, stop in and try some our newly featured drinks. We also have our house bottled carbonated cocktails including one made of sauvignon blanc, French apricot liqueur, gin, and orange bitters.

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