“Things You Should Do: put away your phone, eat your fish skin, slurp your broth, gnaw your bone, eat your micro-greens, lick your plate, eat your cheese rind, have a cocktail, try everything, use your fingers when applicable, hold onto your silverware, enjoy your time here.”



With GMO’s and food security becoming more pivotal issues in mainstream media, we hope to bring continued attention to the hard work of the farmers who tirelessly provide us with a diverse variety of local produce, but we also believe that the enjoyment of food should be fun and decadent. We encourage you to lay down your phones and worries, step away from your busy life, and enjoy your meal the old fashioned way. Use your fingers. Eat your fish skin. Try everything. Have a cocktail; better yet, have two. It’s all to say, we are giving you the best we have to offer each night, and we hope you will join us!

Please take the time to read about our purveyors, who play a vital role in shaping our menu (and our food system!), and pay them a visit at your local farmers market.

Olsen Farms

We fondly refer to our friend Brent Olsen and the folks at Olsen Farms as our meat and potatoes farmers, specializing in heirloom potatoes and beef, pork, and lamb raised without hormones and antibiotics. At Olsen Farms, located in a lush mountain valley in Northeastern Washington, Brent and the family hand sort and pack over 20 varieties of potatoes to ensure quality and specificity.

Local Roots

Ten acres in the Snoqualmie River Valley belong to Local Roots, a family farm devoted to growing vegetables the old fashioned way. Husband and wife, Siri and Jason, work alongside their team to build soil fertility and control weeds and insect damage all without synthetic inputs. Local Roots supplies their produce at various Seattle farmers markets and through their CSA subscription program.

Alvarez Organic Farms

Hilario Alvarez started his own farm after years of working for others, building what became one of the largest organic vegetable farms in eastern Washington. Alvarez Organic Farms began in 1988 and now boasts about 300 varieties of gorgeous organic produce. In 2009, Alvarez was named Farmer of the Year by the Tilth Producers of Washington.

Pleasant View Farm

Husband and wife John and Rose Aschenbrenner, a nurse and software engineer respectively, were seeking an opportunity they could enjoy together, and from which they could eventually retire from their full time jobs. After an intense brainstorming session, the couple began researching the concept of raising ducks.

They contacted a farm in France and spent two weeks on the farm where they learned the trade. Pleasant View ducks are fed an all natural grain diet, free of hormones or antibiotics. These practices are part of Rose and John’s greater goal to provide high quality ducks that have been raised with respect, treated humanely, and processed with great care.

Skagit River Ranch

Alongside the Skagit River lies the family run organic farm, Skagit River Ranch where George and Eiko Vojkovich raise certified organic, grass-fed beef along with pork and poultry. The ranch became certified organic in 1998. Skagit River Ranch grows a variety of grasses, legumes, and herbs to provide their animals with natural nutrients.

Kurtwood Farm

Some of our favorite cheese comes from a small farm on Vashon Island where Jersey cows roam. Kurtwood Farms concentrates primarily on their farmstead cheese and every step of the process is personally attended to by farmer Kurt Timmermeister. The farm has its own creamery and cave where they create and age award winning cheeses like its Dinah’s, Flora’s and LogHouse cheeses. Visit the farm’s new shop in Capitol Hill, Kurt Farm Shop, selling its cheeses and ice cream in October.

Silver Springs Creamery

Silver Springs Creamery is a small family-owned farm in Lynden, Washington that makes artisanal cheese, gourmet ice cream, and yogurt with the milk from its herd of Jersey and LaMancha goats. Their animals are primarily grass-fed with roughly 80 percent of the grass coming directly from their land. Silver Springs Creamery is the first cheese plant in Washington State to earn a certified salmon safe distinction.

Collins Family Orchards

For over a century, Collins Family Orchards has been fixated on fruit. With Calvin Collins at its helm, processes are constantly improved and experimenting happens often. Collins is a third generation farmer with over forty years of experience developing new farming techniques and fruit varieties. At Collins Farmily Orchards, the key to producing optimum fruit lies in the details, from selective pruning to obtain quality over quantity to grafting and planting new fruits and waiting until the fruit is at the peak of flavor before picking.

Sidhu Farm

Sidhu Farm’s farmers market stand is among the most difficult to resist, billowing with organic blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and assorted varietal berries. Chet Sidhu and his team of farmers also grow a wide assortment of vegetables like tomatoes, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts at its blueberry farm in the heart of Puyallup Valley. They also offer their seasonal jams and honey at certain farmers markets in the Seattle area.

Around the Table

Around the Table Farm aims to preserve heirloom varietal vegetables including the colorful heirloom tomatoes we use at our restaurant during the warm summer season. Farmers Dana and Aaron Steege-Jackson manage the small farm, a five and a half acre patch of land, pasture and woods in Poulsbo, Washington, where they raise vegetables, fruits, poultry for meat and eggs, and dual purpose goats. The methods employed at the farm are used to preserve the soil, native species, sustainability, and biodiversity of the land.

Taylor Shellfish

Taylor Shellfish provides us with sustainable shellfish “from larvae to table”. The family venture, based in Shelton, Washington, has over one hundred years of tradition and education farming clams, oysters, mussels and geoducks and they are the largest producer of farmed shellfish in the United States.

Jones Family Farm

Jones Family Farms on Lopez Island, Washington is one of the few farms that offer wide ranging products including proteins, poultry, produce, seafood, and shellfish. Its diverse operations include a grass-based pastured livestock farm, a shellfish farm, and commercial fishing operation that harvest healthy wild stocks of salmon in the Puget Sound.