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It's about the food

supper club

It's about the food… good food, real food, local food. Food prepared with love and meant to be shared with friends. Art of the Table is a celebration of food and the people who dedicate their lives to the art of making it, raising it, growing it, foraging it, catching it.

Art of the Table is an intimate dining establishment located in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.

We work directly with local farmers, fishermen, artisans and ranchers to source the best foodstuffs possible which we use to create our menus. We know where our food comes from. Everything on our menus is made in house by Dustin & Phil and changes frequently if not daily. This is not your normal dining establishment. You are encouraged to have fun, to relax, to share and to take a break from your busy lives to enjoy food. We encourage you to order the "chefs menu" paired with wines or beers to have the full AOTT experience.

Celebrate life. Eat local food.


Wednesday 5:30-10

Thursday 5:30-10

Friday 5:30-10

Saturday 5:30-10

Sunday 5:30-10


Supper Club


March 30, 2014

The Daily Nosh        
30 March, 2014

Things You Should Do:
put away your phone, eat your fish skin, slurp your broth, gnaw your bone, eat your micro-greens, lick your plate, eat your cheese rind, have a cocktail, try everything, use your fingers when applicable, hold on to your silverware, enjoy your time here.

~we cook with everything.  if you’re allergic to something, it’s probably in there.  let us know and we’ll let you know~

alaskan weathervane scallop, savoy cabbage kim chi, cilantro pistou, meyer lemon vinaigrette~$14

PX mission figs, pancetta, taleggio, arugula pesto, pine nuts~$12

lomo ham, house pickles, tazmanian pepperberry~$12

parsnip bisque, porcini & kale rapini relish, lemon-pepper yogurt, vanilla oil, chive~$11

salmon croquettes, cabbage slaw, harissa crème fraishe, olive vinaigrette~$12

seared foie gras, brioche crouton, pickled cherry, peach marmalade, pistachio butter, duck crack, duck jerky viniagrette~$17

roasted king oyster, morels, mushroom dashi, squash puree, radish greens, pickled daikon, Italian white truffle~$16
chevre-fennel pollen raviolo, treviso-fennel salad, saffron nage, smoked tomato jam, olive oil, fried parsley~$14

neah bay black cod, spaghetti squash, roasted maitake mushrooms, tater tots, melted leeks, black truffle, almond-brown butter vinaigrette~$21

cow: braised beef cheek, wild nettles, horseradish-parsley root puree, caramelized radish, apple relish, beet vinaigrette~$21

Dinah’s camembert, cumin onions, star anise honey, shiitake crack, tome-herb shortbread, lavash~$13
blueberry-red wine, orange salad, tarragon oil, pecan sandies~$8

tart: apricot linzer tart, strawberry sauce, orange ice cream, poached pear, mint syrup~$11

20% gratuity is included for parties of 5 or more

*eating raw or undercooked foods could make you sick. But so can eating over processed, preservative laden, GMO loaded, feed lot raised & caged foods…think about it

Dustin~chef/owner, Brennan~sous-chef, Shannon~pastry
Mitch Palmer~barman, Luke Chavez~floorman